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How and Where To Invest Your 401k - IRA Rollover

Okay, now you have made the decision to rollover your old 401k plan to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).  That was a fairly easy decision.
The most important factor though may be your tolerance to investment risk.  Don't forget, your 401k rollover is your retirement nest egg and you must exercise some caution -- better yet you must exercise extreme caution.

If you feel uncomfortable with investing in stocks and mutual funds, your best choice could be Bank Certificates of Deposits (CD's), Bank Savings Accounts, Bank Money Market Accounts, and U.S. Treasury Bonds, Bills, & Notes. 

You just have to make sure that your bank accounts are insured by the  Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).
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Investing Your 401k Rollover
If CD's, Savings Accounts, Money Market Accounts, and Treasury Bonds, Bills, & Notes seem too boring and conservative to you, then the sky is the limit for investing your 401k rollover.  We are now talking about stocks and corporate bonds and other investments.

Though it is possible to invest in individual stocks and bonds in a Self-Directed IRA, it is probably better for most people to invest via mutual funds. A mutual fund will include a large number of different stocks and bonds that in theory will spread the risk and diversify your investment.

A Self-Directed IRA though, could be the choice for investing in real estate and other investments.
CD's -  Bank Accounts -  U.S. Treasury Bills and Bonds
Stocks - Bonds - Mutual Funds
If you invested in individual stocks and bonds, you would have to select a large number of them to be comparable to a mutual fund.

That would be exceedingly cumbersome and quite frankly, much too complicated for the average person.

That is not to say that investing in mutual funds is simple and uncomplicated.
There is a myriad of different mutual funds offered by Mutual Fund Companies and Investment Companies.

The key thing to remember though is that you are investing your retirement money and you should not put all your eggs into one basket.  Your retirement portfolio should be widely diversified.  You can diversify your assets either in individual mutual funds or in what is called asset allocation funds.  Read more about mutual funds and asset allocation funds.

You must remember though that your IRA 401k retirement money is not insured or guaranteed when it is invested in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.  Your money is subject to market fluxuations -- your IRA may decrease in value.

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The not so easy decision is:  What do I do with my 401k retirement money?

There is no correct perfect answer to how to invest your retirement money.

It depends upon many factors such asyour age; how many years before you plan on retiring; your investment experience; your current financial status, etc.