Taxable compensation can be salary, wages, commissions, alimony payments and self-employment income.

It does not include things like interest and dividend income; rental income: social security income; and pension or annuity income.

Self-employment income is the net self-employment income after deducting business expenses -- not the gross revenue from the business.
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IRA Deduction Limits

The 2019 deduction limit is increased to $6,000 and if age 50 or older the limit is $7,000.

Your IRA deduction does not include any part of a tax-free rollover to your IRA account.   
The traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA) contribution and deduction limit is $5,500 for 2018  If you are at least age 50 or older before the end of 2018, the limits are increased to $6,500.
Even though you may legally contribute to your IRA, your income must not be over certain amounts in order to deduct the entire amount on your Federal Income Tax Return.

Income for these purposes is defined as Modified Adjusted Gross Income.
IRA Contributon Limits
■ If you and your spouse; or if you are single; or if you claim head of household status and were not covered by a retirement plan at your work, there are no income restrictions. Your entire IRA contribution is tax deductible.

■ If both you and your spouse are covered by a retirement plan, your IRA  deduction will be phased-out if you make more than $101,000 on a joint tax return in 2018. If you make $121,000 or more on a joint tax return, you receive no IRA deduction. For 2019, these limits are  increased to $103,000 and $123,000.

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■ If one spouse is covered by a retirement plan and the other is not covered by a retirement plan, your IRA deduction is not reduced until your income exceeds $189,000 in 2018.  At $199,000, your IRA deduction is completely phased out. 

For 2019, the limits are $193,000 and $203,000 respectively.

■ If you are single or claim head of household status and are covered by a retirement plan, your IRA deduction is reduced when your income exceeds $63,000 in 2018 and completely eliminated when you hit $73,000.  For 2019, these limits are increased to $64,000 and $74,000 respectively.
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